Our group focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of multiphase systems involved in environmental science, industrial applications, and sustainable processes.

We tackle various engineering challenges such as environmentally sustainable processes, water remediation, industrial methods, smart coatings, and natural hazards assessment. Our findings also aim to improve current engineering methods, making them more energy-efficient, or develop new approaches.

Using tools from fluid mechanics, soft matter, and heat transfer, we study complex materials such as suspensions of particles, immiscible fluid mixtures, droplets, polymers, and phase change processes. To unravel the complex dynamics at different length and time scales, we rely on a range of experimental methods that combine high-speed imaging, rheological measurements, PIV, particle tracking, microfluidics, and heat transfer measurements. We supplement our observations with numerical modeling and theoretical analysis to understand the mechanisms at play and describe multiphase systems.

We enjoy working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment combining tools from engineering, chemistry, physics, and geophysics.